Frequent questions

From what age can I start diving?

From 10 years old with the permission of the tutor, although PADI may require higher ages for some of its courses.

Where can you dive with the OW PADI certificate?

All over the world, since it is an international card.

I have physical limitations, can I dive?

Anyone can learn to dive and become certified, provided they pass the theoretical knowledge and all practical skills.
On a physical level, in Spain, a doctor is required to reassess your physical condition.

Where can I get a diving doctor?

Buceo Valencia can contact you with the doctor who collaborates with our school. Contact us for more information.

How long does it take to obtain the OW PADI certificate?

You can do the theoretical part online, therefore, you progress at your own pace. Now we only have to stay to do the practices that will be two days.

What diving equipment do I need to do the course?

Diving Valencia provides you with all the necessary material (regulator, vest, computer, tank, suit, weights, fins). Although you must have the material that needs a more personal level of hygiene, booties, regulator mouthpiece. In our store we will help you choose the equipment that best suits your characteristics, and we even offer you a pack of fins, mask and tube at a good price.

As a child in the pool my ears hurt a lot when I was submerged, can I dive?

Yes, assuming you have no irregularities in your ears and sinuses. Discomfort is the normal effect of water pressure on your ears.
Fortunately, our bodies are designed to adjust for pressure changes in our ears (you just need to learn how).
If you have no difficulty adjusting air pressure during a flight, you probably won't have any trouble learning to adjust water pressure when diving.
The certifying physician will give you a complete inspection, including looking at the compensation in your eardrums.

I smoke, can I dive?

In principle, yes, although it may be a good time to think about quitting. Only the doctor can assess your risk.

Do women have any special consideration regarding diving?

Other than pregnancy, no. Since physiologists know little about the effects of diving on the fetus, the recommendation is that women avoid diving during pregnancy or when trying to become pregnant.
Menstruation is usually not a concern.

How long does an air bottle last?

This is one of the most common questions, and the answer is relative: all people breathe at different speeds, and breathe faster when jogging than sitting, for example. Thus, the deeper you go, the more air will be consumed.
In addition, there are bottles of different sizes, and whenever you dive, a manometer is worn to control the amount of air left in the bottle.

Is diving dangerous?

Statistics show that diving is safer than swimming and many other land sports. Yes, there are potential risks, and that is why you need to attend a course.
Likewise, diving is the same as driving a car: if you follow the rules and use common sense, there should be no danger.

Is there an incompatibility between wearing magnifying glasses and diving?

No. If you wear contact lenses there should be no problem diving with them. There is also the option of graduating the lenses of the diving mask in a professional optician.

Do I have to be a good swimmer to dive?

You need basic swimming skills to stay confidently in the water

And after the course or baptism, what?

We offer you the next level, so that you feel safer, since you continue learning from our hand and, of course, diving. Come with us on a diving trip, it's a dream.

What do I have to bring to start the diving course?

You just have to bring us the updated medical certificate, a passport-type photo and a photocopy of the DNI.

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